Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Change... AGAIN!!

Sorry to be a pain. But I have decided that the reasoon I stopped blogging was because it was such a pain to change everything over. And so I am going to use the blog once again. Sorry to be such a pain. I look forward to blogging again. I have really missed it. I hope you will all join me once again.


Easter Sunday

I know... Surprise, I am posting again. Life has been so very crazy the last few months. I am not even sure where to begin?

I think, or hope that everyone has pretty much been updated.

I will just go forward from here. I guess the biggest change is that I (Liz) am working for a great company called 100% Mortgage as a loan officer. I am also working for EM reDesign a homestaging company. Both jobs are flexable and allow me to be with the kids before and after school. As for Sunshine she is able to go to work with me some days and others she goes to a sitter. It is really working out well.

Summer is here and the kids are so excited for the break. However with me working we needed child care for the kids, so Manga (Liz's Grandma) to the rescue. We are so excited to have Manga to come for the whole month of June to visit and help out. I think I will want to be home more visiting then working. We will see how it goes. Well I am hoping to be able to keep the blog up and going again. Enjoy reading! Also I included some pictures to keep you coming back for more :)

Sunshine turned 4 in March

Ice Cream Anyone?

Alan's new Toy. Alan really wanted this guitar, so he designed a website for the store Guitar Vista in trade for the guitar. I would like to point out that Alan had never designed a website before, but it looks GREAT. What a man!!

Check out the site